Allantoin is a multifunctional molecule with an ideal safety profile (non-toxic, non-irritating, non-sensitizing, effective at low doses). In nature it has been discovered in comfrey plants (Symphytum officinale), Chamomile, Sugar beet and Aloe vera. Allantoin is classified as a skin protective, has a soothing and restorative action. It also [...]

Argan oil

Argan oil is made up of 99% fatty acids such as myristic acid, palmitic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid and many others. The unsaponifiable part which represents the remaining 1% is composed of carotene, tocopherol (vitamin E), triterpene alcohols, sterols and xanthophyllins. Given its rich and particular composition, argan oil [...]

Avocado oil

Avocado oil is obtained from the pulp of the fruits of Persea gratissima by pressing or centrifuging with a technology similar to that used for other vegetable oils. Similarly to olive oil, it is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids but a peculiar feature of avocado oil is its richness in [...]


Benecomplex® is an innovative exclusive natural phytocomplex derived from Rhodiola rosea. Rhodiola rosea is a perennial plant with a large golden rhizome on the outside and pink on the inside, a member of the Crassulaceae family. The analysis of its chemical composition revealed important groups of active ingredients: Phenylpropanoids, Flavonoids, [...]


Bisabolol is obtained by distillation of the essential oil of chamomile and is mainly used as an inhibitor and calmer of redness of any nature. Bisabolol, thanks to its properties, is used for fragile and delicate skin and is effective as a soothing agent even in inflamed, red and irritated [...]

Botolike hexapeptide

Botosimil Hexapeptide is a powerful peptide that acts on muscle contractions, similar to botulinum, with an elasticizing action that acts on wrinkles and expression lines through an enzymatic inhibition system. Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 is a peptide chemically composed of six amino acids, with activity similar to that of botulinum toxin A. [...]

Calendula extract

The calendula extract is obtained from the flowers of Calendula officinalis and is rich in triterpenes, flavonoids, polysaccharides, carotenes and phytosterols. The marked soothing properties of calendula are to be attributed to the unsaponifiable component composed of flavonoids and mucilages while the immunostimulating capacity is instead attributable to the polysaccharide [...]

Chamomile extract

Chamomile extract is mainly composed of flavonoids such as apigenin, luteolin, quercetin, rutin and their glycosides, responsible for the marked anti-reddening, soothing and decongestant properties of the extract. Chamomilla Recutita Extract stimulates the functionality of the microcirculation and the activity of fibroblasts by promoting the synthesis of collagen, elastic fibers [...]

Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10, or CoQ10, is a powerful natural antioxidant produced by the body of every animal species. However, its production tends to decrease progressively with age. It is found naturally in soy, whole grains and nuts. Its role appears to be to protect cells from oxidative damage also involved [...]

Ginger extract

Ginger is a plant native to East Asia whose cosmetic use is more than justified as it represents a true beauty elixir. In fact, ginger is able to counteract the formation of free radicals and to bring oxygen to the skin cells, revitalizing them. It is considered an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, [...]

Goji extract

Goji berries are the fruit of a plant of Tibetan origin called Lycium Barbarum. The small, bright red berries are known for their beneficial properties and used both in nutrition and in cosmetics. Although they constitute an essential element in the tradition of Chinese medicine, their qualities have only recently [...]

Green tea extracted

Green tea extract is obtained from the leaves of Camelia sinensis. This extract consists mainly of polyphenols and xanthine bases (theophylline). Polyphenols, among which catechins prevail, are responsible for the strong antioxidant property of the phytocomplex which results in a protective action at the microcirculation level and in an anti-aging [...]

Iris extract

Iris is a perennial medicinal plant. From the plant is obtained an extract widely used in cosmetics thanks to its countless properties. This extract is recognized for promoting skin self-regulation processes being able to manage its water resources by mimicking the effect of healthy skin. It strengthens the skin's [...]


For microalgae, a special photo-bioreactor process optimizes the growth conditions in order to ensure a very high purity and quality of the algae extract. The main constituents are polysaccharides, amino acids and vitamins, especially Vitamin C, an effective antioxidant and vitamin B12, responsible for the formation and development of cells. [...]

Mullein extract

The extract is obtained from mullein flowers (Verbascum thapsus) through enzymatic biotechnologies. Flowers are fascinating tools that plants have developed to reproduce. The innumerable colors, scents and shapes of the flowers are the weapons that the plant uses to attract insects; according to recent studies, some flowers attract and select [...]

Prickly pear oil

Prickly pear is able to generate a precious essential oil, also called green oil, which has become the new spearhead of anti-aging treatments. Prickly pear oil is the extract of the seeds of Opuntia Ficus, a succulent plant widespread especially in the Mediterranean basin area. Thanks to the exceptional content [...]


Pullulan is a polysaccharide polymer produced from the starch of a mushroom called Pullulans Pullulans. It is generally used as a thickening agent but also has strong anti-aging properties that produce an instant tightening effect through its adhesion to the skin surface. Relieves oxidative stress on the skin while strengthening [...]

Rice starch

Rice starch is a very fine powder obtained from the processing of the rice grain. What is commonly found on the supermarket shelf is usually modified starch. On the other hand, what is used in the cosmetic and pharmacological field is very pure and in this way it is able [...]

Rosehip extract

The most important properties of Rosa canina, which make it a well-known active ingredient in the phyto-dermocosmetic field, are linked to the very rich content of Vitamin C, essential for the correct formation of collagen and to keep the skin young. Vitamin C is a precious antioxidant that counteracts the [...]


Saffron (Crocus Sativus) is a herbaceous plant native to the Mediterranean basin, from whose inflorescence the homonymous spice is obtained, used as a dye in liqueur shops, pharmacies and perfumery. 95% of world saffron production comes from Kashmir, India and Iran, countries where this spice has been used since ancient [...]

Shea Butter

Shea butter is a substance obtained from the seeds of a plant called Vitellaria paradoxa (or Butyrospermum parkii) and made up of a set of fatty substances that take the name of "butter". The plant is also called the "tree of youth", it is woody, with a tall trunk and [...]

Snail slime

Helix Aspersa, this is the name of the snail that commonly lives in our gardens and which in recent years has been the object of interest for the slime it produces to facilitate its movement and its adhesion even to vertical walls. The composition of this precious substance is a [...]

Sweet almond oil

Sweet almond oil is obtained from the cold pressing of the seeds of Prunus Amygdalus which, thanks to its characteristic composition, has cosmetic properties such as emollient, nourishing, eudermic and elasticizing. This oil is a component considered safe in any concentration, so much so that it is used pure for [...]

Vegetable granules

Vegetable microgranules are obtained from the shell of almonds and hazelnuts that facilitate mechanical exfoliation in a gentle and natural way. Based on the size of the granules obtained by grinding the shells (granulometry), exfoliating properties of different strength are obtained. The finer grain sizes are intended for use [...]


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