The epidermis represents an exchange barrier between our body and the external environment. It represents a real organ which is assigned the task of maintaining the conditions of the organism unchanged. Without this special barrier, the body would lose all the water it is made of and our body would be exposed to an innumerable population of pathogens that commonly inhabit the outermost layer of the skin.

However, the epidermis does not represent an imperturbable physical screen, so many substances we apply are absorbed into the underlying layers thanks to various mechanisms that in some cases are still poorly understood. The ability of a substance to penetrate the epidermis depends on many factors but one of the decisive ones is represented by the volume and size of the molecules.

We think of the skin as a multi-level filtering system where the largest molecules remain on the surface while the smallest are able to cross the layers to reach depth. Precisely for this reason, many molecules apparently rich in benefits are not able to fully perform their functions and require more invasive cosmetic interventions to reach the place of destination.

The snail slime enzymatic extract is an innovative cosmetic component resulting from the enzymatic hydrolysis of snail slime substrates in an aqueous environment. This is a latest generation active ingredient that involves the use of a series of enzymatic biotechnological processes capable of processing the snail slime in a specific way. The product of this technology provides that the active ingredients of the slime are broken down through specific molecular cuts, creating smaller and less bulky molecules that are able to improve absorption in the dermis, thus increasing the antioxidant power.

During this process the properties of the original snail slime are not lost, which maintains all the characteristics described.

INCI: Snail secretion filtrate extract

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