With the arrival of Covid-19 and the need to constantly wear protective masks to limit the spread of the epidemic, skin changes have begun to be highlighted, especially in the affected region between nose-cheekbones and chin. Prolonged use of any type of mask can cause skin changes such as dryness, skin irritation and contact dermatitis. Those who already suffered from certain diseases such as dermatitis, acne and rosacea could experience a worsening due to the occlusion caused by the medical device.

Wearing the mask is still today an indispensable gesture for containing the epidemic but it causes a real change in the skin, creating a semi-occlusive environment that limits natural exchanges with the external environment. The skin therefore, instead of being in contact with oxygenated air, finds itself in a warm-humid environment rich in carbon dioxide which increases its fragility.

A recent study conducted on health workers has shown both the onset and worsening of skin manifestations, even in severe form, with evidence of skin furrows and erosions. Some dermatologists claim in an article published in Forbes that the problem arises due to the occlusive nature of the mask.

These manifestations have been grouped with the term maskne, a new word that involves all skin reactions caused by the use of the mask and in particular those that lead to acne eruption, the appearance of redness, itching and white pimples. The affected areas are precisely the cheeks, chin, lip contour and nose.

To alleviate the effects of the masks it is recommended to adopt a beauty routine.

Face cleansing

It should be done using non-oily products that allow for easy rinsing. Mild soaps or micellar waters are preferable to cleansing milk which can leave residues on the skin and increase the occlusive effect.

Cleansing is essential to do it in the evening to clean the skin of the secretions produced and the impurities accumulated during the day. In the morning it is preferable to rinse your face with clean water only. In fact, during the night our skin undergoes a natural detoxification process and above all it does not come into contact with air impurities so it does not require deep cleansing.

Serums and Creams

Many cosmetics contain ingredients with known soothing properties (such as aloe vera) and moisturizing (such as hyaluronic acid).

Snail Slime is a particularly ideal ingredient for the treatment of stressed skin due to its REGENERATING, SMOOTHING OF IMPERFECTIONS and PURIFYING effect.

Masks and Scrubs

Masks and scrubs could also help in this context. For masks, it is better to use those with a limited oily base and rich in ingredients recognized for their soothing, purifying and moisturizing properties.

The use of a delicate scrub could help reduce skin dryness by helping to restore normal physiological conditions.