Goji berries are the fruit of a plant of Tibetan origin called Lycium Barbarum. The small, bright red berries are known for their beneficial properties and used both in nutrition and in cosmetics.

Although they constitute an essential element in the tradition of Chinese medicine, their qualities have only recently been appreciated and it has been possible to hypothesize a dermatological use. The berry extract is rich in fat-soluble vitamins with known antioxidant activity, vitamins A and E, and in water-soluble vitamin C, which at a dermatological level can boast not only antioxidant properties but also regenerating ones being a precursor of collagen and stimulating tissue formation. connective to support the dermis. It also contains a fair amount of mineral salts including Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Potassium and Selenium. This extract is considered an excellent source of essential fatty acids that help slow down the skin aging process, leaving the skin toned, supple and hydrated.

The Goji plant, however, is susceptible to diseases so it is normally subjected to chemical treatments with pesticides to preserve the harvest. Goji berries from organic farming are instead grown and fertilized with eco-sustainable technology to ensure the quality and the absence of harmful substances in the final product which inevitably entails a higher price.

INCI: Lycium Barbarum Fruit extract

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