It is a unique, pure and natural exopolysaccharide (EPS) produced from marine Plankton.

EPS are natural polymers formed mainly of sugars found in the extracellular environment of aquatic microorganisms such as algae and bacteria. This environment, called biofilm, in addition to protecting and promoting its proliferation, also has the function of protecting the microorganisms themselves from pathogens and atmospheric agents.

The exopolysaccharides perform a flaming, repairing, antiparasitic and protective action.

Applied on a cosmetic level, Plankton has shown remarkable almost immediate filling properties, making the skin more toned and smoother and filling the marks and depressions of the skin. Used constantly, on the other hand, it has firming power by working directly at the level of the dermis.

In vivo clinical studies have shown that EPS develop immediate anti-wrinkle effects by stimulating the synthesis of new collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin.

INCI: Alteromonas ferment extract

IN OUR PRODUCTS: Puradea eye contour