Face and body line that benefits from the synergy between Aloe vera juice and Prickly Pear oil. The properties of Aloe vera have been known and used for many years both as an internal use and in cosmetics. The exclusivity of the line consists precisely in enhancing the already known properties of aloe together with those of prickly pear oil. Its exceptional content in Vitamin E and in Omega series fatty acids make this oil a unique ingredient for DRY, DELICATE and REDNESS SKIN . The particular sebum-affinity guarantees its use on all skin types without leaving residues and without weighing it down. Aloe vera also has characteristics of great interest and can be recognized for its ANTI-INFLAMMATORY , ANTIOXIDANT , SOOTHING , PURIFYING properties and SCARS . Aloe vera for topical use is also considered a valid alternative for the treatment of some skin conditions such as: SCOTTATURE and ERITEMI , PSORIASIS , MYCOSES and DERMATITES of various origins.
The generous content of the two active ingredients makes this line an interesting choice both for daily use, even on delicate skin , and for a more specific use where particular attention is required.


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