Helidea is a line dedicated to face and body products based on 99% pure Snail Slime enriched with a latest generation active ingredient: Snail Slime Enzyme Extract. This innovative ingredient gives exclusivity to the line as it promotes and improves the absorption of substances naturally present in snail slime. Basically this translates into greater effectiveness and speed of action of the active ingredients present. The overall high concentration of active ingredients within the products, combined with the presence of natural extracts of great interest, makes this line a unique choice to enhance the properties recognized by Snail Slime as ELASTICIZING , NOURISHING , REGENERATING , SMOOTHING OF IMPERFECTIONS , PURIFYING , excellent for counteracting the SIGNS OF EXPRESSION .
The snail slime used in our formulations comes from farms with a complete biological life cycle and the extraction takes place using only procedures that respect the life of the snail without causing unnecessary stress.


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